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As a business owner, you always want to scale up quickly, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Having the right team and ensuring that your team’s time and skills are used in the best possible way is always a challenge. Let your team do what they are best at and delegate all the mundane tasks to our team of trained industry expert Virtual Assistants. Be it administrative, bookkeeping, or operational, we got you covered. Scale-up quickly with dedicated extra pair of hands, THE HOUR an Extension to your team.

Administrative tasks

Project management


E-mail management



Invoicing and payments


Ecommerce assistance


Virtual Ecommerce Assistant


Your Business Growth Partner The Hour
Industry Trained Virtual Assistant Provider

Expand your team with our dedicated Virtual Assistants, trained in your industry for Admin, Operations, and Marketing over multiple tools and tasks, be it Executive, Business, or Personal we have an expert for all.

Spend time to grow your business and stop struggling with minutia, just delegate it to our Virtual Specialist who is ready to handle recurring and specialized tasks.

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Top Industries We Impact

Accounting & Financial

The Hour’s experienced Virtual Accountant works on the entire scope of bookkeeping and customers have the flexibility to choose what and when they require

Staffing & Recruitment

The Hour’s recruitment outsourcing program blends dedicated recruiters, technology, and best practice hiring processes to transform an organization's talent acquisition function.

IT &

The Hour’s Virtual Technical Helpdesk Assistant takes care of inquiry management, PC support, server support and support of other devices.Designed Specifically for Small Business Solutions

Property Management

Our Va’s efficiently manage the property of tenants and stakeholders alike. Be it property maintenance and general upkeep or publicity for property, Your VA works for you, right from handling legal issues to managing vendors.


Re-appropriating eCommerce client assistance administrations to The Hour-a dependable organization with huge involvement with this region, can assist you with zeroing in on different activities of your business.


With the help of The Hour, you can have access to world-class insurance BPO services at cost-effective rates, including ,insurance policy, life insurance support services and insurance agency management

Get. Set. Go

Start with your no-obligation
trial today and see the magic happen.

Thinking to get a Virtual Staff started, it’s really simple.  Our professional onboarding team understands your business needs and chooses the best skill matching Virtual Assistant from our large talent pool, who has the right industry experience and knowledge of tools your business uses.

All of our customers trust their success to us.


Our VA is highly educated, very responsive, and experienced. We have been telling others about our experiences whenever we get the chance. The value they provide is truly immense.

Amy Caruso

CEO, Grit Matters

I never considered hiring a virtual assistant for my business but The Hour is different, my virtual assistant exceeded expectations! It is more affordable than I thought and the help they provide on a daily basis is incredible.

Allan F

CEO, Executive Edge INC

We have been very pleased with our Virtual Assistant’s performance.

Gary W

President, SCM

He gets stuff done , and in the best way possible.
We had originally planned on hiring just for a few things here and there, but he’s so good that we want to eventually go full time.
Long story (not so) short, trust my research because I’m probably pickier than you. Go with The Hour.

Arax Gevorgyan

Fashion Stylist

I was really surprised by the variety of disciplines that The Hour VAs are experienced in and able to execute on. I feel my sanity coming back & productivity increasing exponentially.

Mike J

CEO, Luxor Linens

I am very pleased with my VA and intend to work with him for a long time.

Theophan M

Executive Sales Coach

Company Values

Our mission is to provide top-notch, most economical, secured outsourcing services to our clients and help organizations leverage the power of a remote workforce to scale up quickly and add value to their business with our unique combination of technology and manpower. 

Our core values include:

Let’s Get Started, it’s easier than you think


Hit Get Started

A quick call with our Specialist to go over your needs and help you grow your business.


Meet your Client Success Manager

Once we together identify the areas where we can add value, your Client Success Manager will guide you at every step.


We Go Live

Client Success Manager chooses the best match and introduces you to your dedicated Virtual Assistant. Magic begins.

Why Us:


We understand how a business needs changes so we offer all pour services on a month-to-month basis and lock you to any contract.

Dedicated Staff

We believe in building a relationship with our clients so you always work with the same staff each day.

No Sick Days

We always got you covered, as we offer a free fully trained backup staff to cover you. 

Availability in same time Zone

Active communication is a must to make any relationship successful, that’s why we are flexible to shift hours.

Secure and Organized

That’s our top priority, so we follow strong background checks and data security protocols.

The Hour in Media

Choose from our custom-made plan for your business. Starting at $4.99/hour


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