Recruitment Process OutSourcing

Our custom recruiting solutions are flat-out effective against a range of large, complex hiring challenges. We are experts with solving complex, hard-to-fill, and high volume talent acquisition challenges for global companies and recruiters.

Why Hiring The Hour RPO for your Recruiting solutions?

1- Reducing Recruitment cost
2- Resume Sourcing
3- Maintained Quality and brand
4- Contact Information Search
5- Email Communication
6- Job Postings
7- Effective Service & Speed
8- ATS/CRM Management
9- Database Building
10- Social Media Promotion/Social Recruiting
11- Linkedin Group Posting
12- Linkedin Template Creation
13- Creating the Job Description
14- Email Campaigns
15- Potential Job Openings
16- Word Processing/Candidate Presentation Document
17- Calendar Management
18- Administrative Support
19- Effective Service & Speed